Yoga teaches us to be present within the present moment.. Hannah’s main focus is to keep the practitioner in the present moment, allowing them to feel what the bodies needs and recognising subtle energy movements throughout practice. In effect taking the practitioner into deeper states of consciousness and awareness. This coming together of the mind and body has beautiful effects and scientific evidence proving that yoga has many health benefits such as helping to reduce stress levels, insomnia, lowers blood pressure, boosts self-esteem and self worth, helps prevent injury within sports, strengthens and lengthens the muscles, increases endurance, promotes flexibility and quietens the mind to help focus during meditation.

What other form of exercise can you take part in, that not only benefits the physical body in outstanding ways but also conditions your mind and helps give you the tools to provide a better quality of life? Whether your a beginner to yoga, someone who is looking to benefit from the physical aspects, mental clarity, spiritual growth or all of the mentioned… Hannah will cater for these within every practice allowing the practitioner to be free to explore their own yoga journey-ensuring they feel fully informed, secure within their postures and encouraged into self exploration.

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