I don’t want to just be a “yoga” teacher

Hannah the yoga teacher? I’ve been reflecting a lot recently on my career teaching yoga- and realise maybe it’s a career that won’t last forever. (perhaps it will, I’ll stay as long as the students wish to be taught by me) But what was it that sparked an interest for me in the beginning? Was Continue reading »

4 Top tips to becoming fearless

My 4 top tips for becoming Fearless (or improving self-confidence) Visualisation Many people Ive spoken too or books I’ve read swear by visualisation. Visualising yourself as someone who you want to be/look/have is a very powerful tool. I did this when I was on my yoga teacher training exactly 4 years ago today and I Continue reading »

Nicole’s Testament to Reiki

Reiki So I started seeing Hannah for yoga roughly 6 months ago when I was feeling broken suffering with anxiety and low mood, practically housebound. After weekly practices with Hannah where I get so much more than just yoga, I began feeling what I can only describe as normal but better than normal because I Continue reading »

Learning Reiki healing

Reiki healing, The art of healing the energetic body. Balancing chakra and meridians with life force energy. This was always something I have heard of, and even had a couple of little sessions here and there without fully understanding what it really was or what I was meant to be experiencing. I kind of understood Continue reading »

Stress awareness workshops for families and businesses

Stress and Anxiety are becoming at an all time high. With our work, social and home life demanding more from us its apparent that nowadays its really taking its toll on us as human beings. From physical illness to mental illness, stress can rear its head in many forms and have serious effects on our Continue reading »

A shy guys first experiences of yoga

I can still vividly remember standing in my gym on a Monday afternoon in late July last year, pen spinning between my fingers as I stared at the timetable for the gym’s upstairs studio. A new class had been added -‘Yoga with Hannah’ – something entirely different from the aerobics and cardio-centric classes they usually Continue reading »

The benefits of Yoga for Martial Arts and Boxing

Boxing and intense training types tend to shorten and bulk the muscle fibres, long term this can lead to stiffness, restricted movement and discomfort as our muscles should be lengthened and open which is gained through yoga practice and stretching.   Twisting poses not only wring out the organs of impurities and toxins but can Continue reading »

Voluntary Yoga classes with nursing home service users

Yoga is very beneficial to all people from all walks of life and physical and mental conditions. As a part of my personal love of yoga, I aim to encourage a wider variety of people to get involved and experience some of the benefits and banish certain stigmas attached to the Asana practice. Once a Continue reading »