Royal College of Physicians – Nov 2017

The Royal College of Physicians had the opportunity to experience Hannah’s fantastic yoga sessions on several occasions in the last 3 years at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Her sessions are always to the highest standard, tailored and well attended and her focus on and support to each participant is remarkable. Hannah is a always very receptive to the needs of the group and participants feel the benefits of yoga straight away. Her technique is very effective and makes you try new things which you might not have approached previously. We feel the yoga sessions delivered by Hannah are very beneficial for our staff and we will continue offering them on a regular basis to support the wellbeing of our workforce. We highly recommend Hannah.


Magda Mucharzewska, HR and L&D officer.

Prison Testimonial – Nov 2017

“Hannah has been delivering yoga sessions across 3 prisons this year as part of the Plan B mindfulness course for reform.
Hannah’s classes have proved a huge success and as such yoga has become a core part of our curriculum. Hannah has the perfect skills to teach in what can be a challenging environment. Hannah has been able to change the preconceptions that men have towards yoga and as such many have found her classes physically challenging and also relaxing. I particularly enjoy hearing how excited the men are to have accomplished difficult poses that they never thought possible.
We are very lucky to have someone like Hannah on the Plan B team and inspire and influence the men we work with.

Sonya Russo – Director Waves Mindfulness and Wellbeing Ltd.

Private Tuition Testimonial – Sept 2017

I came to doing Yoga with Hannah after almost 15 years in the gym and nearly 8 years of Body Control Pilates. Yoga is many notches above both those paths, in many ways. It isn’t just about the body but also the mind and breathing, where my strength was not an obvious asset. Working with Hannah for just under one years at the time of writing, I have enhanced my flexibilty and balance. I do supervised private practice with her twice a week and keep up my own practice at least 3-4 more days every week.

Not only does Hannah have an intuitive read into my energy levels and mood, she also brings the right balance of support and gentle persuasion (read: no bullshit tolerated here) to her teaching session after session. My progress has surprised even me.

I intend to continue to work with Hannah and have no hesitation in recommending her strongly as a compassionate, tough and fair teacher, whose main goal is the progress of the learner. If you can learn with her, do so. You won’t regret it.

SMY, Board Director & Businessperson

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