Voluntary Yoga classes with nursing home service users

Buddha hands holding flower

Yoga is very beneficial to all people from all walks of life and physical and mental conditions. As a part of my personal love of yoga, I aim to encourage a wider variety of people to get involved and experience some of the benefits and banish certain stigmas attached to the Asana practice. Once a week, on a wednesday morning I keep my diary open for yoga with the elderly, particularly in nursing/retirement homes. This gentle practice includes soothing relaxation music, breathing and meditation exercises, gentle seated positions focussing mainly on the toes, ankles, legs, gentle bodily twists, arms, hands and necks. A very personal hands on experience (if acceptable with the persons wishes) with each individual ensuring they are in the correct and safe alignment and get the most enjoyment from their practice. This has proved very popular among the service users and staff at the homes. If you are interested in me visiting your nursing/retiring home please contact me for availability. Namaste.

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